AIMS Games Results
11 September 2017
Friday 15 September 2017
Great end to our successful week at the AIMS GAMES 2017!! You know what they say, "Suns out, Guns out!" and all our students really did bring their A game to finish the week off.
All team sports finished off with their finals today, many with them happening at the same time so unfortunately couldn't make it to everything!
Water Polo had an exceptionally exciting final this morning against Kristen School. At the end of the final quarter it was all tied up, so went to a penalty shoot out for best of 5 shots! With 4 of 5 goals each, to determine the winner they went to the golden goal. The next team to score won and that was Kristen School. A really great finish to the week for Papamoa College. A game that could have gone either way!
Due to winning their first game this morning, the Sevens Team went to the Bowl Final. The team was moved fields so it was able to be Live Streamed on the AIMS website. There was a lot of support on the sideline for the Papamoa Boys who faced Devon Intermediate for the second time this week, after losing the first. At half time it was 12 - 0 to Papamoa, however Devon really fought and scored some great points to take the win, placing Papamoa in 2nd place in the Bowl.
Netball had two games today. Both were tight matches with evenly skilled teams. A two point loss in the first and one point in the second, indicative about the level of competition. The expert coaching by Erina Day and Haylee Foster has helped the girls through the week to place 52nd of 120 teams.
Hockey had an early start, getting down to the turf about 6.00am! A great fight was put up by the players to keep Bucklands Beach at bay. Unfortunately the brilliant team work, strategy and attitudes were not quiet enough to take the win, however the coaches both so proud of how the students have played all week. The team taking the highest finish for Papamoa College in 6 aside Hockey, 18th of 40.
Wins to finish the week were taken by the Basketball Boys and Girls Teams, and the Football Girls. Congratulations on playing hard till the end. It is a huge week of competition and everyone needs to be so proud of themselves.
Thanks everyone for all your support over the week and getting the students there!
Thursday 14 September 2017
Massive Congratulations to Talitha McEwan, Luke King and Kel Iggulden!!!

Tēnā koe e hoa!

Not only are we celebrating Maori Language week, we are also celebrating one of our best years ever in our AIMS History!
Fresh off their 7 - 1 win last night, Water Polo students were ready to bring their best to the 4th day of this demanding sport. The team took down St Kentigern College 5 - 4 this morning however couldn't quite keep up the winning momentum in the afternoon, facing a loss against Northcross Intermediate.

Down at Waipuna Park the Sevens Team has had an exceptional day with 3 from  wins! This places them in the semi-finals for the Bowl tomorrowmorning at 8.52am playing against Highlands Intermediate. If they win, they will be in the bowl final, placing 25th or 26th. If they have a loss they will play the bronze match for the bowl, 27th or 28th. 

If team team does have a loss in the first game, the second will be live streamed on the website! Stay tuned 11.04am
In Table Tennis, Sulav Karmacharya and Harrison Griffin made the quarter-finals of the boys doubles teams.  Along with Sam Proctor, these three boys finished 7th overall in teams. An awesome achievement as many schools have some fierce competitors. The Girls Team, representing the first ever in Papamoa College history, finished 6th Overall in teams. Gaurav Buttar made the plate doubles final along with Oliver Drewe. A really big thanks to our expert Coach John Lea, who was also the Tournament Director for Table Tennis. We have been so lucky to have his coaching.
At Badminton tomorrow, Caden Boyd-Zame and Liam Thomas have made it into the division two finals. The greatest achievement for Papamoa College at an AIMS Badminton event to date. Well done boys! 

Blake Park also held success for several teams today. The Girls Football team have put in a phenomenal effort this week and were able to secure yet another win this afternoon against Whangaparaoa College. The Girls have been a force to be reckoned with this year, gaining the highest finish in girls football Papamoa College has seen yet. All the hard work from our student coaches and Mr Allan has been great.

The Netball Girls have had another pearler with 2 from 2 wins against Chisnallwood and Randwick Park. They are headed towards a 49th - 52nd place finish out of 120 teams. The girls have two games left tomorrow. Lets bring all we have ladies!

Our Girls and Boys Hockey kids have been screaming around the turf over the last couple of days taking some massive wins. Yesterday saw two consecutive wins of 14-0 and 12-1. This morning was another great display of sportsmanship and teamwork resulting in a 5 - 2 win. The game this evening against Mount Maunganui Intermediate was always going to be a challenging one. The two local teams clashed like two of the best. Looking forward to your final game tomorrow!

It has been awesome to hear so many of you taking advantage of the AIMS Live Streaming! It has been great to know you have been supporting from afar.

Thanks for everyones support of the week its been great! See you tomorrow for the final addition of AIMS GAMES 2017!! 
Wednesday 13 September 2017
Finally the weather was kind to us today! Although it was still blowing a gale, it was nice to not have any rain, particularly up at the Multisport Course at McLaren Falls.
Our medal winners from the swimming pool last night, all turned up for their next events today ready to go! Kel Iggulden and Luke King ready to jump back in the pool for Water Polo and Talitha McEwan taking off across the water in Multisport. Such great commitment shown by these students after two full on evenings at the Swimming Event.
The Multisport course was already a little worse for wear before racing began at McLarens Falls this morning with the unfavorable weather over the past few days. Papamoa College's 4 athletes arrived ready and rearing to go for the day of competition. The Multisport course was a 2.4km run followed by a 4km mountain bike and a 1km kayak to finish.
All four students raced their hearts out, leaving little left in the tank. The Mountain Bike stage was challenging with many athletes from other schools taking spills down what is fondly known as "Death Valley". The Kayak leg was also particularly challenging with the strong head wind.
Special mention to Olivia Tilby-Adams who's experience in Mountain Biking saw her move up through the field gaining many places over the leg and transitioning 6th to the Kayaking. Olivia finished 8th in the field of 28 Year 7 Girls. Big thanks to Mr Mark Thomas who has supported these students on his bike during this event and Cross Country on Sunday.
It was a difficult day for Badminton Students as we headed into the Doubles Competition today. Doubles team Caden Boyd-Zame and Liam Thomas managed to come out with one win today. Mrs Heather Williams however did have some luck, winning a set of 20 new racquets and shuttles for Papamoa College Badminton! Great work! Tomorrow morning we have quite a few doubles partners starting play at 9.00am if anyone is free to head down to the QEYC and watch.
Down at Water Polo Kel Iggulden and Luke King joined the team to help give a boost to the tiring athletes. It has been a challenging week for the team without two of the key members, but everyone has really pulled together to keep the opposition at bay during games. The defense in this afternoons game was great and there were some great shots at goal. The score of 2 - 5 to Rosmini College not a true reflection of how well Papamoa College played. But this evening they celebrated their first win of the week against Pasadena Intermediate 7 - 1. Congratulations team!
Also with their first win this week is the Football Boys! They took out a 3-1 win against Levin Intermediate this afternoon. Great work boys and Coach, Mr Mat Benes!
Tuesday 12 September 2017

Tuesday Results Table
We have had a totally awesome finish to day three at the Swimming Pool. Luke King, Talitha McEwan and Kel Iggulden all left their best in the swimming pool and came home with medals!! Luke- Gold and 2x Bronze, Kel- Silver and 3x Bronze, Talitha- x2 Gold and x2 Silvers. Check out the results table. Absolutely stunning work! You should all be so proud of yourselves.
We are just waiting for the Medal Table to be updated with the swimming results, as soon as these come through, I will let you all know where we are sitting!
The Sevens Boys also had a great start to the day with a massage (clearly I started at the wrong event this morning!) and then went on to take two wins. The final game of the day against Northcross was always going to be difficult but a great score to be achieved at the end, being only 7 points behind. The boys are now playing off in the Bowl Division.
It was a really exciting morning down at the football field with our Girls Football Team having a win 1-0 to Mokoia Intermediate. The Girls and Coaches were totally buzzing when the final whistle went. It was awesome to see such excitement and enjoyment in the competition.
Basketball Boys really gave their heart and soul on the court against Te Awamutu today. Bodies were put on the line as they committed to intercepts and shooting goals. It was great to see the way the boys all played together as a team. It is clear that this is one of the strongest Basketball Teams Papamoa College has had at the AIMS GAMES.
Our 6 Aside Hockey team faced a tough opponent first up. Taradale Intermediate had taken huge wins against other schools over the previous day, however Papamoa managed to keep them to just 7 - 1 at the end of the game. To finish the day off, they had their first win against Albany Junior High in the very chilly conditions of the evening! Was awesome to see such a huge bunch of supporters at the Hockey Turf this morning.
Papamoa's Netballers have also had a great day with 2 wins and one loss. With the final game tomorrow morning, they will then be placed into the Cross Over Draws.
Water Polo have had a challenging start to the week facing off against some talented teams. With the team being placed into Cross Over Draws tomorrow, we should see some closer results. Special thank you to Don McNeilly who is coaching the team for the week (without even having a child as part of it!).
Thank you to all of the students, parents and staff members who have made it out so far this week. I have heard many positive remarks of how much the competitors have loved your support! Keep it up, and GO PAPAMOA!
A day of awesome Indoor Bowls game play shown by our 12 strong squad.  The new year 7's finding the field daunting as the best of the best dueled it out for qualifying spots.  Roma Janke and Eryn Chicken played their hearts out and were down to the last bowl of the match, both beaten by the Indoor Bowls equivalent of cricket's underarm bowl. Illminster taking them both down just before qualifying.
We can't wait for doubles play, when we will bring our best again. Their coach is ridiculously proud of them and Team Manager Eric; for their skillful bowling, scoring for others games and great sportsmanship.
Badminton Singles have wrapped up this afternoon with the division finals beginning. Our students played hard with Caden Boyd-Zame successfully making the knockout final for Diving Two!! (Division two is a huge achievement as this contains rep players from across the country)
Declan Graham also represented in the division five knockout finals making it to the next round and playing at 9am tomorrow to see if he can continue his winning streak. Doubles pool play begins tomorrow afternoon with a new set of challenges to be overcome.
Good Luck to our Multisport Students competing tomorrow up at McLarens Falls!
Monday 11 September 2017

Monday Results Table
It was a phenomenal day in Sport for Papamoa College today on the second official day of competition!
Table Tennis and Badminton started off this morning at Queen Elizabeth Centre. There was a buzz of excitement with over 250 students competing in both events today. The Papamoa Students in their new Orange Polos really looked the part!
This year Papamoa College has our first ever Girls Team in Table Tennis. The girls enjoyed three tough games today and came out with a brilliant win in the first. The four Papamoa Boys teams also played well with the 1st team taking out all 3 matches for wins today. An awesome start and tomorrows results will determine if they make it to the finals on Friday to play for a medal.
It was also a fantastic day down at Badminton today with many challenging games played. Most students took out at least one win in their games today, but special mention must go to Cayden Boyd-Zame who won all 3 of today's games, with his final two pool play games being held tomorrow. Overall there has been a massive step up in skills and confidence and their training throughout the year has really prepared them. Go team!!
Out at Blake Park it was a chilly start to the week for our other teams. Our Netball Team started the day with a one point loss to Naenae Intermediate however played well together as a team to bring in a 31 - 5 win to round the day out. Our football teams also had some challenging matches today, but the girls finished on a high with a draw with Te Puke Intermediate.
A successful day was also had on the Tennis Court by Papamoa's solo representative, Carrigan Hartley. He won his first two games today and faced a tough match against the 4th seed of the tournament last. 
Well done to Sam Eastergaard and Zaya Bennison who finished competing in their Artisitic Gymnastics today. Both students were competing in the Open Junior division against many talented gymnasts from all over the country. Special congratulations to Sam who finished up 7th in the Mens division.
It was a cracker evening at the Swimming Event tonight. All three swimmers from Papamoa College, Luke King, Kel Iggulden and Talitha McEwan, putting in all their energy to secure places in many finals tomorrow evening. An awesome achievement as the Swimming is often one of the most competitive events in the AIMS Games. Good luck to all three competing tomorrow in the finals at Baywave. We can't wait to hear how you get on!!
If you are planning on heading out over the week- please ensure you are prepared with lots of warm and weather proof clothing. The wind and the rain is quite relentless and you may end up resembling an ice cube if you are not rugged up!
Brilliant start to the week team- you should all be so proud of yourselves. Good luck for your second day of competition!
Sunday 10 September 2017

Sunday Results Table
We had a great first day full of action!
Cross Country kids competed this morning, as did two of our gymnasts. Sam Eastergaard and Zaya Bennison have competed in day 1 of 2 in Gymnastics and we look forward to hearing their results tomorrow evening.
At Cross Country we really did experience ALL 4 seasons in 30 minutes! I was extremely pleased I had dragged out my gumboots for the morning as it was a bit of a bog. The weather made for challenging conditions. As the day went on the course underwent a hammering. Part of the course had to be changed as it was so damp and muddy there was no traction for athletes and injuries were coming thick and fast.
For those of you who have seen the Cross Country Course at Waipuna Park, you will know of the very steep hill as part of the course. This part had many students adopting a 'hands and feet' approach, I even saw one student abseiling on the course ropes to try and get up!
For the first year, the AIMS GAMES included a Para division. Cruz Turner (from Tauranga Special School on the Papamoa Campus) joined us for this race. He raced his heart out and placed second across the finish line. Currently Cruz has the provisional placing of 2nd, however it is important to note that his final placing will be confirmed once para categories have been confirmed.
Well done AIMS GAMES for making your Tournament inclusive of Para Students! What a great addition to the Games.
Despite the tough conditions, it was obvious the students all had a great time and made a tremendous effort. 
To round the day out, 70 Papamoa College students and supporters attended the Opening Ceremony at ASB Arena. Of my 6 years of attending, I have to say this was the best one yet! It was action packed with entertainment and inspiration. Guest Speakers this year were Selica Winiata (Black Ferns) and Mary Fisher (Gold winning Paralympic Athlete). They both were awesome and inspirational. Selica talked about looking after yourself during the week, listening to your Coaches and focusing on your warm up and recovery, while Mary spoke about the challenges she has faced being a blind athlete. She encouraged everyone to be kind and look out for each other.
There were NZ dance crews, Kapahaka and singers galore. The whole ceremony was highly entertaining. J Geeks (very handsome and talented dancers!!) made a come back, they performed a few years back, so safe to say there was something for everyone.
Good luck to everyone over the week. It was obvious everyone was buzzing about the week ahead and ready to get into action! Can't wait to see you out there!