COVID-19 Information
16 March 2020

Read the most up to date information from the Principal Mr Steve Lindsey.

Message Date: Saturday 4 April 2020

Morena Papamoa College Community

I hope that this message finds you well and life in your bubble is going as well as can be!

THANK YOU essential service workers!
I would just like to acknowledge all the essential service workers who are part of our Papamoa community and thank you for your hard work and dedication in helping us all in this difficult time.  We understand that the work is hard, the hours are long and there is an added risk of exposure to Covid19.  On behalf of the Papamoa College community thank you very much!

In addition there will be people within our community who are finding the lockdown very difficult, who are perhaps ill themselves or have loved ones in other parts of the country that are ill.  I encourage you to reach out to people in our community (through digital or telephone means) for support and to stay connected.   


We are almost overwhelmed with information coming at us from everywhere!  We have chosen just a few useful websites that could assist you during this time:

Looking after your mental wellbeing -
From the Covid19 site that has sensible, straightforward advice

Supporting children and young people at home -   
Ministry of Education advice for parents to support children who are learning from home

Parenting Coronakids -
This is a blog from Karen Boyes who talks about creating an environment at home which has routines, activity and creating memories. (Karen has spent time with our students over the last few years helping them with study skills)

Nigel Later 
The Staying at home basics for mums and dads -
He has a number of down to earth videos on youtube and facebook to help families with parenting and coping with the lockdown.


As you know school learning programmes will continue via Learning from Home on Monday 13 April.  It was great that many students and parents collected a digital device (Chromebook) from the school during the two days prior to the lockdown. 

However there may be a number of students who still do not have a suitable digital device for Learning from Home. 

The Ministry of Education is offering a service to provide such a digital device so that no student misses out and therefore will be ready for Learning from Home.  There is also a possible option of written material provided if having a digital device is not possible. 

If your child DOES NOT have a digital device for Learning from Home then please complete the following form to register ASAP. We need to get this information to the Ministry of Education as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: There is NO NEED TO COMPLETE this if your child is ready with an appropriate device for Learning from Home.

Papamoa College staff have been continuing to prepare for Learning from Home as well as having a 'holiday'. 

Keep connected and look after yourself and your whanau.


Steve Lindsey

LOCKDOWN Information - Wednesday 25 March 2020

Hello everyone

I hope that you have been successful with your preparations in anticipation of the lockdown at midnight tonight.

Over the last few days we have provided an alternate learning programme for children of essential service/business workers.  Many thanks to those teachers that provided this support.

We have also has a large number of students/parents who have taken up the option of borrowing a school Chromebook for Learning From Home.  This has been encouraging and we have been pleased that we have been in a position to do this for students and whanau.

I sent an email to all Papamoa College students with the following information regarding dates: (You have had these dates as well in a previous email)

New dates for us all:

Wednesday 25 March      From midnight the school campus is closed and no one                                               will be allowed to use it for learning or working.
                                         That means that all students and staff are to stay away.

Monday 30 March to        HOLIDAY TIME
Tuesday 14 April     
        Students and teachers will be on holiday and therefore                                               there will be no learning programmes being offered.
                                         Remember that teachers need their holiday as well.

Wednesday 15 April to   LEARNING FROM HOME
Tuesday 27 April 
           This is when learning will start again but you will be at                                                 home and teachers will be at their homes as well.

Teachers will contact students directly through Google Classrooms and emails that they usually use.

Close to this time the government will decide as to what the next step will be. 

PLAYGROUND  Important point
With the school campus being entirely closed, it is important to be aware that school and public park playgrounds are also closed and not meant to be used by anyone.  Although Papamoa College does not have playground equipment, for those of you with young children all school and public playground equipment should not be used during this time. 

Just a reminder to keep informed regarding covid19 by going to website

I hope you are all able to take advantage of the extra time that you will have at home over the next four weeks!  I have had conversations with many of you over the last few days, about how you are going to try to learn something new, develop new digital skills, attend to the garden, improve baking/cooking skills, dust off the board games, spend quality time with the kids . . . . .

Whatever you do, be well and look after yourself and your loved ones. 

I will update you as needed.


Steve Lindsey

COVID-19 Information Update - Tuesday 24 March 2020

Good Morning Papamoa College Community


I hope that this email finds you well and you are beginning to make some sense of the situation we all find ourselves in.


We realise that the communication sent to you yesterday arrived in your email box late in the evening.  Unfortunately there were network issues outside of the school which affected use of the internet.  We apologise for any inconvenience that this may have caused you. 


This is a good reminder to let you know that we will continue to use email and post messages on our website and make a link on our school facebook page. 


Information regarding HOLIDAYS & LEARNING FROM HOME


Tuesday 24 March - School is closed except for children of essential service workers.


Wednesday 25 March - School is closed except for children of essential service workers.

The school will be closed down from midnight.  There will be no access to the campus facilities after this time until we are allowed to return. 


Monday 30 March to  -  SCHOOL HOLIDAYS   Students and staff will be on holiday.

Tuesday 14 April                    


Wednesday 15 April - Distance learning from home. Student will learn and staff will work from home.  This is intended to operate for 2 weeks - if not more.


The Government and Ministry of Education will inform us when the school and campus will re-open. 


We all understand that the next few weeks is going to be a real challenge for all of us.


Young people especially enjoy the social interaction and community of school life and without being able to do this now, we need to help them find other appropriate and safe ways to remain connected to their peers without meeting in person. 


It is important that we impress on our young people the necessity to follow the physical distancing and lock down directives from officials. The message has been clear that as a nation we all need to reduce contact in order to prevent the spread of the COVID19 virus.


Go to for information.


Look after yourself.




Steve Lindsey


COVID-19 Information Update - Monday 23 March 2020

Good evening Papamoa College Community
No doubt you have heard the news that the Prime Minister has announced that the country has moved to Alert Level 3.  By Wednesday 25 March the country will have moved to Alert Level 4.   I strongly recommend that you read/watch this message at 
Starting on Tuesday 24 March there will be no school on campus. This could last for at least 4 weeks.
The exception to this is providing an alternate learning programme for children of workers of essential service e.g doctors, medical personnel, police.  This will be available for these students on Tuesday 24 March and Wednesday 25 March to allow workers of essential services to prepare for the lockdown.  
If you are a worker of an essential service and require your child to be at school over the next two days, then please send them to school tomorrow (Tuesday 24 March) 8:40AM at the front of the school.  We will have staff available to provide them with an alternative education programme.  
By midnight on Wednesday 25 March the school will be closed.   
Here are some answers to questions you may have:
Can my child come to school on Tuesday to collect books,etc, from their locker so that they can then use at home?
Yes.  If they exercise safe physical distance practices while coming onto campus they will be fine.  Send them to school at the beginning of the normal school day to collect what they need to.
When does Learning from Home for students start?
Some students are set up with Google Classrooms and are using them with their teacher already.  For those that aren't, teachers will send an email to students when they are set up and ready to use.  It is important that students check their school email regularly.  
Is there a Digital Device Loan?
Yes.  We appreciate that there are some students who may not have an appropriate digital device at home.  We are making available our school Chromebooks for loan to students who require a device to continue with their learning while at home. 
 We also have access to a number of internet modems that may be useful for those households that don't currently receive the internet.
We will be issuing these devices at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning (Tuesday 24 March) Please come to the central bridge area.

Contacting Teachers?
Teachers will communicate with you and your child via email.  As everyone in our community has been affected by the directive to lockdown, please respect the fact that teachers will also be in the process of preparing for lockdown over the next few days, and therefore please refrain from making unnecessary email contact.  
We will continue to communicate with you via direct emails, information on the school website and the school facebook page, as we have been doing so over the last few weeks.

What about the holidays? 
It is unclear exactly how this is going to work.  When I receive information from the Ministry of Education, I will then let you know.  
We strongly recommend that you continue to keep updated with information on the covid19 website as well as the Ministry of Health website
We are all in this together and we will get through this together.
I wish you and your whanau all the very best.
Kia kaha

Steve Lindsey


COVID-19 Information Update 16 March 2020

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