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Staff Responsibility e-mail address  
Allen, James Teacher / Y78 Dean
Ballard, David Deputy Principal - Senior School (Y11-13)
Barber, Geoffrey Teacher
Bird, Geoff Teacher
Blow, Leanne Teacher
Browne, Jim Guidance Counsellor
Brunton, Maddy Teacher
Budd, Craig Teacher
Byrne, Colin Teacher
Calder, Margot Teacher
Cornelius, Debra Teacher
Cowie, Sarah Curriculum Leader - Social Science
Cudby, Nancy Teacher
Daniela, Katrina Curriculum Leader - Music
Develter, Belinda Deputy Principal - UMS (Y9/10)
Devery, Karen Reception
Dirkse, Annaliese Teacher - On leave
Dirkse, Mikaere Teacher
Donaldson, Simone Leader of Learning Commons - Tahuna
Ellis, Amy Teacher
Ellis, Clair Teacher
Engebretsen, Lauren Director of Sports
Farrell, Erin Teacher
Foster, Haylee Teacher
Frewin, Dylan Curriculum Leader - Performing Arts
Gibson, Tracey Leader of Learning Commons - Maunga
Griffin, Laura Teacher
Hardwicke, Jenny Business Manager/Accounts
Hay, Chelsea Teacher / Y12 Senior Leader
Hemingway-McGregor, Sharee Teacher / Y13 Senior Leader
Hewes, Philip Teacher
Hubbard, Wendy Leader of Learning Commons - Awa
Irvine, Grace Guidance Counsellor
Jacob, Andrew Teacher
Jens, Jeroen Teacher
Johnston, Patrick Teacher
Jump, Natalie Teacher
Kapene, Melissa Curriculum Leader - Languages
Karl, Tenaya Teacher
Kay, Jane Lead Guidance Counsellor
Keating, Christopher Teacher - On leave
Keith, Rona Teacher
Kent, Tessa Teacher
Kilkenny, Kenneth Teacher - On leave
Kouwenhoven, Erin Teacher
Laybourn, Tanya Teacher / Y10 Dean
Le Blanc Smith, Hannah Teacher
Leask, Nicholas Curriculum Leader - Physical Education
Lee, Jaki Teacher
Lewis-Rickard, Tania Teacher
Lindsey, Steve Principal
Littlewood, Linzi Teacher
Lomas, Moira Teacher
MacDuff, Helen Curriculum Leader - Visual Arts
Mackay, Jenna Leader of Learning Commons - Awa (on leave)
Mair, Kheya Teacher
Manning, Karen Librarian
McCartin, Nicholas Teacher
McCready, Cathryn Director of the Senior School
McCreary, Annie Curriculum Leader - Technology
McGrath, Jacquelyn Teacher
McKenney, Kelsi Teacher - On leave
Mulcahy, Claire Curriculum Leader - Science
Neal, Jocelyn Carrers Advisor
Neidhardt, Catherine Deputy Principal - LMS (Y7/8)
O'Dea, Kelsey Teacher
OCarroll, Krystal Leader of Learning Commons - Wairere
Ogilvy, Warwick Teacher
Oliver, Liz Student Services
Paton, Kelley Teacher
Porter, Amanda Teacher
Pratt, Jennifer Teacher
Price, Kylie Leader of Learning Commons - Motu
Proudlock, Elizabeth Teacher
Randall, Taryn Teacher
Reber, Elaine Teacher / ESOL
Rees, Laura Teacher
Reid, Janelle Teacher
Remus, Kim Leader of Learning Commons - Puna wai / Y78 Dean
Robertson, Daniel Leader of Learning Commons - Tatahi
Rogers, Timothy Teacher
Rowe, Suzie Teacher
Russell, Pippa Teacher
Samson, Joanne Teacher
Santos, Sarah Teacher
Sellars, Tara Teacher
Shaw, Vincent Teacher
Steenkamp, Elna Campus Coordinator
Stensness, Angela Leader of Learning Commons - Moana
Stevens, Wayne Teacher
Taute, Anaru Teacher
Thomas, Mark Teacher
Tilby, Andrew Teacher
Turanga, Kerri Principals' PA
Turanga, Kevin Teacher / Y11 Senior Leader
Vahey, Woody School Nurse
van Wijk, Jeroen Teacher / Y9 Dean
Wallace, Daniel Teacher
Wesselink, Karla Leader of Learning Commons - Puke
West, Paula SENCO
Wieland, Jonathan Teacher
Willett, Ingrid Teacher
Williams, Heather Teacher
Wright, Michael Teacher
Yap, Mee Lee Teacher