• Matariki Celebrations

    Matariki Celebrations

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    On Wednesday 26 June we are hosting our first ever Matariki Concert. There is the chance to see student artwork and presentations, music, kai and learn more about Matariki both here in Aotearoa and around the world. All whānau welcome to attend.

    Here is the programme for our Matariki Celebrations

    3:30pm – all the year 7 and 8 spaces are open with their own themes of different aspects of Matariki available to check out

    3:30pm – food trucks on site

    4:00pm – Hangi available to be purchased on site prepared by students and staff – $10 – bring cash!

    4:00pm – Art exhibition in the foyer to check out

    5:00pm – Matariki Concert begins featuring:

    – Students MC’s Ieremia Le’afa and Tiriarangi Mastney

    – Presentation about Matariki in Aotearoa

    – Year 7 and 8 Kapa Haka 

    – Year 9 – 13 Kapa Haka

    – Presentation about Matali’i in Polynesia

    – Pasifika Group

    – Videl Harrison and Meilah Fergusson

    – Kalami Finau, Tama and Tamati Jones

    – Ryan Teixeira and Khan Neno

    – Presentation about Subaru in Japan

    – Zeana Meij

    – Student leaders and staff

    – Staff barbershop

    6:30pm – Home time!

  • Celebrating Academic Excellence

    Celebrating Academic Excellence

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    On Wednesday 3 July, we held a Senior Excellence Breakfast to celebrate 109 senior students who have achieved academic excellence in their studies so far this year.

    It was a proud moment for the school community to recognize the hard work, dedication, and outstanding achievements of these students.

    Year 11 Students

    Aitken, Cody TEA2
    Beattie, Flyn TAK2
    Bulloch, Taylor MAT1
    Champness, Gisele MAT2
    Christian, Arwen MAT2
    Dyke, Hayden TAK1
    Eason, Amy TEA1
    Ehrler, Lucia MAT2
    Green, Cruise TAK1
    Hambrook, Jessica TAI2
    Hesp, Elena TEA3
    Ho, Bridget TEA3
    Hutchison, Emma TAK2
    James, Wisp TEA3
    Jefferies, Rilee Jo TAI1
    Jhim, Mitali MAT2
    Kaur, Balreet TEA2
    Manning, Casey MAT1
    Mason-Hepi, Noah TAI1
    Mulcahy, Quinn TAK1
    Nguyen, Rosie TEA2
    O’Reilly, Abigail TEA1
    Priddy, Brandon TEA3
    Raymond, Lily TEA1
    Riley, Stella MAT2
    Singh, Jack MAT2
    Smit, Erin MAT1
    Speed, Charlotte TAI1
    Willey, Paige TAI1
    Wilson, Sophia MAT3
    Wren, Sharne MAT1

    Year 12 Students

    Aitken, Samantha TEA1
    Arnold, Brooke TAK1
    Aryal, Christina TAK1
    Bell, Amy MAT1
    Blaber, Sophie MAT2
    Brickell, Eden TAK2
    Brokenshire, Cameron MAT1
    Buchanan, Ava TEA1
    Drew, Mackenna TEA2
    Ferns, James TAK1
    Gerber, Chene ́ TAK2
    Goldstone, Sab MAT1
    Gosal, Mandeep TEA2
    Harper, Maia TAK1
    Hayward, Kieran TAI1
    Heywood, Novella TAK1
    Irving, Nicole TAI2
    Jensen, Cole TEA2
    Keenan, Cove TAI2
    McKay, Amelia TAI2
    Minchin, Corbyn TAI1
    Mulcahy, Isabella TAK1
    Pachoud, Finn TAI1
    Plank, Poppy MAT2
    Poelman, Samuel TEA2
    Pretorius, Reuben TEA2
    Scrivin, Ollie MAT2
    Siwakoti, Prapti MAT2
    Smith, Keira TAI1
    Smith, Ruby TAK1
    Thomas, Hamish TEA1
    Thomas, Renee TPK1
    Tilby-Adams, Alex TAK1
    Trlin, Luke TAK1
    Walter, Troy TAI2
    Webb, Cade TAK2
    Wilson, Finn TEA2
    Woolrich, Carly TAK1

    Year 13 Students

    Barry, Brooke MAT2
    Blow, Luke TEA1
    Bonis, Maggie TAI1
    Burnett, Sydnie TEA1
    Clifton, James TAK2
    Cottle, Amelia MAT1
    Fish, Ashley MAT2
    Golombick, Kenitah TAI1
    Gomez Sandoval, Valeria TAI1
    Haynes, Tallulah TEA1
    Henzler, Holly TAK1
    Hesp, Daniel MAT1
    Jamison, Kai TAK2
    Jeffrey, Brianna TAI1
    Jhim, Jashan MAT2
    Kaur, Jasdeep TAK1
    Kinghorn, Ava TAI1
    Kroeker, Gibsen MAT1
    Lynch, Eva MAT2
    Manning, Hayley TAI1
    Mayfield, Willow MAT2
    McHardy, Fergus TAK1
    Mitchell, Holly TAI1
    Paki, James TAI1
    Raymond, Sophie MAT1
    Robertson, Artemisia TAK2
    Scott, Nathan TAI1
    Sharp, Conner MAT1
    Smart, Maia TEA1
    Starchenko, Veronika TAK2
    Steiner, Sienna TAK2
    Stephens, Kirsty-Anne TAK1
    Teddy, Jahden MAT2
    Theron, Laylah TAI1
    Thompson, Ami TAK1
    Veeragaloo, Devesh TEA1
    Wilcock, Brooke MAT2
    Wilson, Reigan TAI1
    Wirth, Sanya MAT2
    Wong Too, Katie MAT2

    Their commitment to their studies sets a shining example for all students, and we look forward to seeing their continued success. Congratulations to all our high achievers!

  • Senior School Wānanga

    Senior School Wānanga

    Read more: Senior School Wānanga

    Our Term 2 Senior School Wānanga started up on Wednesday 29 May and will run through until the end of term. The wānanga gives students the opportunity to work with their teachers in smaller groups outside of the classroom.

    Within these wānanga students can.

    • Complete and submit any work that they have not yet finished.

    • Stay on track.

    • Strive for excellence.

    Here are the dates, times and locations for our wānanga:

    • Tuesday 18 June, 3.30pm – 4.30pm, Science block, Technology room, Art room

    • Wednesday 26 June, 3.30pm – 4.30pm, Science block, Technology room, Art room

    • Tuesday 2 July, 3.30pm – 4.30pm, Science block, Technology room, Art room

    Students do not need to book in for these sessions, they can just turn up with the work they want to focus on.

    For more information please contact Mr Leask.

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