Emergency Situations

Emergency Situations

The school has response plans in place for a wide range of emergency situations.  

In all emergency situations the school will follow the advice of  BOP Civil Defence and the Police

The school will communicate relevant information as needed via the front page of the school website.

Social media sites may also be used.  Texts and emails may be used if relevant and when internet connection is available. 


The following brief descriptions are what will happen on campus in the event of an emergency:

Fire / Building danger  -  All personnel evacuate immediately to the Evacuation Meeting Place.  

                                       This is on the far side of the Rugby field - by Gordon Spratt Reserve.

                                       All personnel will be accounted for.

Earthquake  -  All personnel take immediate measures to protect themselves from building debris.  

                       Once shaking has stopped, safely evacuate to the Evacuation Meeting Place.  

                       All personnel will be accounted for.

                       The threat from a Tsunami is evaluated.  A decision is made as to either:

                        1. Stay put, 2. Move to the Tsunami platform next to the school - Gordon Spratt Reserve,

                        or 3. Move to the Papamoa Hills.

Tsunami  -  All personnel will move immediately to the first floor on campus.  

                  All personnel will be accounted for.

                  The threat from a tsunami is evaluated.  A decision is made as to either:

                  1. Stay put, 2. Move to the Tsunami platform next to the school - Gordon Spratt Reserve,

                  or 3. Move to the Papamoa Hills area.

Lockdown - Intruder / Dangerous situation  - All personnel will be kept indoors and out of sight if appropriate.

                                                   The school will follow the direct instructions from the Police once they are

                                                   in control the situation.


Parents and Caregivers in Emergency Situations

It is very important for parents and caregivers to allow school personnel to initiate the relevant emergency response plan and to effectively manage the situation on campus.

We appreciate that some parents and caregivers may want to arrive at school to collect their children.

Any parent, caregiver, guardian wanting to collect their child must sign for them at the front of the school - by the open bridge area in the centre of the school. Students will only be released into the care of their own parents, caregivers and guardians. 

***In a lockdown situation the Police have advised for parents to NOT come to the school. The Police will then advise the school when the situation is resolved and we will then update parents accordingly.


Important points for Community Wide Emergencies

*  An emergency situation could happen at any time of the day - even on the way to or from school

*  Families must have determined a personal response plan on what to do in an emergency

*  Every citizen will need to take responsibility for their own safety as much as they can

*  Roads could be blocked with traffic - access and movement will be limited

*  Cellphone services and internet may be limited or disrupted

*  People will be anxious and have a heightened sense of urgency

*  In significant situations everyone in the community will be affected


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