Digital Devices

School Digital Devices


The school provides a range of digital devices for the purpose of assisting student learning. These include: desk top computers, laptops, ipads, chromebooks etc. Unfortunately we don't have enough for everyone so access to digital devices may at times be limited.

For this reason, we highly recommend students to bring a digital device for their own use at school.  


Since the lockdown last year, learning has continued in the blended environment of both digital and face-to-face instruction. Should the need arise, teachers are ready to move learning completely into the digital space. For students to maintain learning during during any possible future lockdown, they will need access to a computer. Many students already have access to a device at home and we may be able to loan a limited number of school devices to students, however, it is likely that we will have insufficient devices to fulfil demand during a lockdown. 


If you are in a position to purchase a chromebook that your child could use to continue with learning from home and at school, then now would be an opportune time to consider this. If this is an investment that you are considering then Harvey NormanPBTech and Noel Leeming have a selection of devices and information that may be of use in your decision making.


Student Owned Devices BYOD - Bring your own device


PLEASE NOTE IN 2022 we will require ALL Students to Bring Your Own Device

The benefits for students bringing their own digital device include:

  • Uninterrupted access to devices and the internet at school

  • Assured reliability of the device

  • Personal settings and files are constantly available

  • Seamless learning between home and school

  • Improved capacity for collaboration with other students and staff

  • Ability to explore new learning environments and communities beyond the classroom

  • Removing barriers of distance and time


Experience at Papamoa College and at other schools that allow student-owned devices on campus, indicates that, provided students take similar precautions with their digital device that they would with their other belongings, then very few issues actually arise regarding damage or theft. To support students, we also provide lockable storage for students to store their unattended devices.


Purchasing a Device


Guidelines to help you when choosing a device

  • Wireless networking capability (WIFI)
  • At least 5 hours of use from one battery charge
  • Large screen (10" minimum)
  • Has a keyboard (can be detachable)
  • The ability to run a web browser (eg Chrome) that will allow access Google Classroom and other online learning resources
  • Is lightweight, but robust enough to handle daily use
  • Is in a protective carrying case

Other considerations which we strongly recommend

  • Warranty - students using the device regularly will want faults fixed quickly and the school can not provide technical support or repair services.
  • Insurance - make sure you are covered for replacement if the device is lost, stolen or if insurance does not cover personal property.

Responsible Digital Citizen


Learning to become a responsible and safe digital citizen is important for every student and is covered in the schoolwide learning programmes.


Mobile Phones


Mobile phones are permitted to be brought to school but are the responsibility of students, and must always be used appropriately. The school accepts no responsibility for the security or loss of mobile phones. The school promotes the acceptable use of mobile phones at all times and does not allow or condone electronic harassment or bullying.