Being a host to an international student, is a vital role that host families play during a student's life away from their family and country.

There are many changes and cultural differences that a student will encounter while here in New Zealand, and as a host family, you have the ability to help these students settle and navigate their way through these new experiences. Whilte students come here for a variety of reasons, the main reason is to improve the English. Being placed in a "Kiwi" homestay will help with this.

To become registered as a Homestay provider for international students at Pāpāmoa College, you will be required to: 

  • Complete an application form (this assist us in finding a home and student who 'match')
  • Undergo a police vetting check (to be completed by anyone 18 and over in the home)
  • A home visit and interview process

Should you meet all the requirements, we will then be happy to include your family in our database. When a suitable student requires accomodation, we will contact you.

Please note: being registered as a homestay family with our school does not guarantee a student placement.

"It is an enriching experience and a great way to enjoy learning about a new culture."

Are you keen on becoming a Homestay Family for international students in 2024?

Is your spare room inside your home, not in a sleep out?

Do you have time to help a student get to sports practice and some after school functions?

Are you prepared to include a student in your family events and outings and explore the beautiful Bay of Plenty?

Do you live in zone for Pāpāmoa College?

If yes, continue to apply - If not please contact Kerri Turanga | Homestay Manager to discuss. [email protected] 

Application Information | Forms


What meals do I have to provide?

All meals including snacks

If we go to a restaurant or have takeaways who pays?

If you go as a family, then you pay for your student. If your student goes out on their own with friends, then they pay.

Can I ask the student for mileage?

No this is covered in your homestay payment.

Do I have to buy the school uniform?

No, the students have an account at school that pays for their uniform.  

Do I need to take the student to all the local tourist attractions in Rotorua etc?

No, what we do ask is that you show them around the local area, others if you are able to. We do expect you do family outings which include your student.

Who pays for extra activities?

If your student is going on a school camp or actitivty, then payment is made from their school expense account. 

How much do homestay families get paid to host a student?

Homestay families recieve $300 per week 

When and how do homestay families receive payment?

Homestays are paid fortnightly in arrears by driect credit into your bank account.

Am I able to get an advance homestay payment?

No. Sorry that is not available

Who pays for bus passes and moblie phone top ups?

Your student is responsible for both of these