For all urgent matters please contact Reception 542 0676 or for general enquiries Email: [email protected]

Staff Responsibility e-mail address  
Al-Chanati, Abdal Teacher [email protected]
Allen, James Leader of Learning Commons - Moana [email protected]
Anderson, Maggie Counsellor [email protected]
Atkins, Daria Teacher [email protected]
Barber, Geoffrey Teacher  [email protected]
Barrett, Kelly Teacher [email protected]
Bennett, Paul Teacher [email protected]
Beresford, Deriza Senior School Dean [email protected]
Bird, Geoff Teacher [email protected]
Bishop, Rochelle Teacher [email protected]
Blow, Leanne Teacher [email protected]
Brown, Mandy Business Manager [email protected]
Browne, Jim Counsellor [email protected]
Budd, Craig Teacher [email protected]
Byrne, Colin Senior School Dean [email protected]
Cave, Shaun Year 7/8 Dean [email protected]
Collins, Rebecca Teacher [email protected]
Cornelius, Debra Teacher [email protected]
Couper, Megan Teacher [email protected]
Cowie, Sarah Curriculum Leader - Social Science [email protected]
Cudby, Nancy Teacher [email protected]
Daniela, Katrina Curriculum Leader - Music [email protected]
Deverson, Warwick Teacher [email protected]
Devery, Karen Reception [email protected]
Dirkse, Mikaere Teacher  [email protected]
Donaldson, Simone Leader of Learning Commons - Tahuna [email protected]
Durie, Pere Associate Principal [email protected]
Ellis, Amy Teacher | On Leave 2023 [email protected]
Ellis, Clair Teacher | On Leave 2023 [email protected]
Enefer, Sophie Teacher [email protected]
Engebretsen, Lauren Director of Sports [email protected]
Farrell, Erin Teacher [email protected]
Foster, Haylee Teacher [email protected]
Frewin, Dylan Teacher [email protected]
Gibson, Tracey Teacher | On Leave 2023 [email protected]
Gilbert, Heemi Curriculum Leader - Maori [email protected]
Gillgren, Rebecca Teacher [email protected]
Govind, Di Teacher [email protected]
Greer, Kylie Teacher [email protected]
Groot, Daniel Teacher [email protected]
Harris, Nathan Teacher nharris@papamoacollege,
Hartnell, Tania Teacher [email protected]
Heath, Rachel Teacher [email protected]
Hurren, Cindy Teacher [email protected]
Jackson, Benjamin Teacher [email protected]
Jacob, Andrew Teacher [email protected]
Jacob, Sarah Teacher [email protected]
Jacobi, Amelia Teacher [email protected]
Karl, Tenaya Teacher  [email protected]
Kay, Jane Lead Guidance Counsellor [email protected]
Keating, Christopher Teacher | On leave 2023 [email protected]
Kendall, Anne-Marie Teacher [email protected]
Kent, Tessa Teacher [email protected]
Kilkenny, Kenneth Teacher  [email protected]
Kouwenhoven, Erin Teacher [email protected]
Kusznir, Christine Teacher [email protected]
Lambert, Marc Teacher [email protected]
Laybourn, Tanya Senior School Dean [email protected]
Le Blanc Smith, Hannah Teacher [email protected]
Leaf, Alex Teacher [email protected]
Leask, Nicholas Deputy Principal [email protected]
Lee, Jaki Teacher [email protected]
Lewis-Rickard, Tania Curriculum Leader - Visual Arts [email protected]
Mackay, Jenna Leader of Learning Commons - Awa | Year 9 Dean [email protected]
Manning, Karen Librarian [email protected]
Martelli, Maddy Teacher [email protected]
McCartin, Nicholas Teacher [email protected]
McCreary, Annie Curriculum Leader - Technology [email protected]
McEvoy, Shea Deputy Principal  [email protected]
McFarlane, Luke Leader of Learning Commons - Wairere [email protected]
McGrath, Jacquelyn Leader of Learning Commons - Maunga [email protected]
Miller, Brad Careers Advisor [email protected]
Mulcahy, Claire Curriculum Leader - Science [email protected]
Needham Nicole Teacher [email protected]
Nell, Jackie Teacher [email protected]
Nowell, Paturiihi Teacher [email protected]
O'Donnell, Jacqui Teacher [email protected]
O'Toole, Kym Teacher [email protected]
OCarroll, Krystal Teacher [email protected]
Ogilvy, Warwick Teacher [email protected]
Oliver, Liz Student Services [email protected]
Ormsby, Ben Deputy Principal [email protected]
Parkinson, Barry Teacher | On leave Terms 1-3, 2023 [email protected]
Parsons, Chris Attendance Officer [email protected]
Poelman, Ute Teacher [email protected]
Pratt, Jennifer Teacher [email protected]
Price, Kylie Leader of Learning Commons - Motu [email protected]
Proudlock, Elizabeth Teacher [email protected]
Reber, Elaine Teacher | ESOL [email protected]
Reid, Caitlin Teacher [email protected]
Reid, Janelle Teacher [email protected]
Remus, Kim Leader of Learning Commons - Puna wai | Y7/8 Dean [email protected]
Richardson, Tony Teacher [email protected]
Rillstone, Nathan Property Manager [email protected]
Robertson, Daniel Leader of Learning Commons - Tatahi [email protected]
Rogers, Timothy Teacher | On Leave 2023 [email protected]
Ropati, Iva Principal [email protected]
Russell, Pippa Teacher | On Leave 2023 [email protected]
Samson, Joanne Teacher [email protected]
Severinsen, Bronwin Gateway Coordinator [email protected]
Sisson, Rebecca Teacher [email protected]
Smith, Natalie Teacher [email protected]
Soh, Lian Teacher [email protected]
Spence, Gayle Curriculum Leader - Performing Arts [email protected]
Spicer, Karla Leader of Learning Commons - Puke [email protected]
Taane, Chris Teacher [email protected]
Taani, Hosea Learning Support Coordinator [email protected] 
Taute, Anaru Teacher [email protected]
Tilby, Andrew Curriculum Leader - English [email protected]
Tinning, Pip Deputy Principal  [email protected]
Tomlinson, Laura Year 7/8 Dean | On Leave 2023 [email protected]
Townsend, Jane Deputy Principal [email protected]
Turanga, Kerri Principals' PA [email protected]
Ualesi, Cameron Teacher [email protected]
van Maanen, Liselle Teacher [email protected]
van Wijk, Jeroen Teacher | Y10 Dean [email protected]
Vining, Claire Teacher | On Leave 2023 [email protected]
Webb, Kathrene Curriculum Leader - Mathematics  [email protected]
Weber, Brett Curriculum Leader - PE & Health [email protected]
West, Paula SENCO [email protected]
Wieland, Jonathan Teacher [email protected]
Willett, Ingrid Leader of Learning Commons - Wairakei [email protected]
Winters, Karyn Teacher [email protected]
Woodrow, Linda Teacher [email protected]
Wright, Michael Teacher [email protected]
Yap, Mee Lee Teacher [email protected]
Youngman, Megan Teacher [email protected]