Achieve & Aspire

Achieve & Aspire

Achieve & Aspire

Our Vision

Our vision at Pāpāmoa College is ‘Embracing Opportunities; Creating Excellence’. We recognise the special place our community has for us in supporting young people to achieve their best.

We aim to be a vibrant community hub of excellence and opportunity where every individual achieves their personal best and succeeds.

Our learners need to be prepared to meet the challenges of a global community with confidence and resilience, to be lifelong and independent learners who chase their dreams from the moment they join our community.

Students at Pāpāmoa College will be guided and challenged to achieve high academic goals and to extend themselves in doing so.

They will be well prepared to meet the challenge of gaining essential qualifications but also the learning competencies that will support their success through schooling and life. 

Our students will also be encouraged to be active participants in the wider life of the school, within the arts, sports, cultural and leadership activities, which will make them all round achievers who are valued in higher education, the workplace and in society.

Achieve & Aspire

Our Values

Pāpāmoa College thrives on four core values: Courage, Aspiration, Resilience, and Empowerment. These principles drive our commitment to fostering a culture of bravery, ambition, resilience, and self-empowerment. At Pāpāmoa College, these values define our educational ethos, guiding students toward success and personal growth.





Achieve & Aspire


Pāpāmoa College features a large dedicated Careers space with a Head of Careers supported by a Gateway Coordinator, administration staff, and dedicated careers teachers.

The vision of Careers is that:

‘Students at Pāpāmoa College will develop skills, knowledge, and positive attitudes to give them the confidence to make good career and life decisions’.

We strive to achieve this through:

  • Providing advice and guidance for students about future work, universities, and other tertiary providers.
  • Exposing our students to a range of learning opportunities such as FiT Placements (Future Industry Training work experience), pathway classes, Future Trades Academy programmes, workplace visits, careers expos and expert speakers.
  • Sharing information with whānau, and students, through our careers website:

Achieve & Aspire


At Pāpāmoa College we view sports as a powerful and integral part of student development. Our programme emphasizes the culture of positive characteristics, ensuring that sports play a vital role in shaping well-rounded individuals.

At Pāpāmoa College, we recognize that students engage in sports for various reasons, and our inclusive programme caters to all levels of participation. Whether it’s the thrill of competition, the pursuit of personal fitness, or the joy of teamwork, our sports program is designed to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of every student. 

We also operate a specialised ‘Learning through Sport’ programs for our Years 7-10 students where the curriculum is taught through the context of sport.

Join us in celebrating the past, present, and future of Pāpāmoa College sports—a journey that fosters growth, character, and a lifelong appreciation for sport.

Achieve & Aspire

Arts & Culture

Arts and Culture are both areas that thrive at Pāpāmoa College. As well as curriculum programmes for the Arts, we feature a number of co-curricular opportunities for our students. These include art exhibitions, bands and solo artists. Rockquest and Tangata Beats are always promoted for students who have the drive and support to enter these national competitions. Visiting musicians and performers are regular features on the arts scene. Dance competitions are another national opportunity for students to perform. Theatre excursions are regular occurrences and we have a biannual full school production that involves students from across the school. 

Kapa Haka is strong and we have had a large Kapa with students from all levels as well as a Senior and Junior Kapa. They feature at the Rā Whakangāhau and other performances throughout the year. Manu Kōrero is an opportunity for speakers in Te Reo and English to take the stage and compete at a school, regional, and even national level. Our Pasifika group also performs throughout the year and is a growing and dynamic group that performs items from different Pasifika cultures. A separate Cook Island drumming group has started and they also have begun to perform for school and visitors. As well as this we have an Indian dance troupe where traditional costumes and dances contrast with modern music.

Achieve & Aspire

Student Leadership

There are twenty four student leaders. This group comprises of different roles. There are two head students and two deputy head students. These student leaders are tasked with representing and leading the student body of the school. 

Through Mana Waka we have four more students who lead each individual waka. These roles are called Kaihautū Waka. This name refers to the role of the person who keep paddlers of a waka in time. In a similar vein, the role is about keeping all members of the Waka engaged in their mahi. 

Within each Waka, four more leaders are each responsible for a different kaupapa. These leaders are called Kaihutū Kaupapa. The four different kaupapa are arts, community, culture, and sport. These leaders work on specific projects related to these kaupapa and engage other students to be involved through promotion, activities, and councils. 

Through involvement and opportunities, leaders and leadership are developed. While these roles are specific, there are many opportunities for aspiring leaders to step forward.

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