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Choosing a School for your Child

  • Every child deserves to receive the best possible education.

  • The NZ education system is world-class and regarded as a leader in quality student learning.

  • Schools are increasingly being arranged within Communities of Learning: Kahui Ako which provides a holistic view of a student’s learning. Student education experiences are considered within a personalised learning journey, that takes account of personal interests and meets individual learning needs.

  • Schools work with their local communities to reflect the values, aspirations, and meet the needs of its people.

  • Parents and Caregivers are given the opportunity to send their child to the closest state school or apply to another school for an Out-of-zone enrolment. The Independent School system also provides a range of options for student learning.
  • What is important to you and your child for their education?

  • What do you want your child to gain from their education while at school?

  • Although all schools provide an education with respect to the NZ Curriculum, there will be variations around additional activities, programmes, etc.

  • You need to be satisfied that a particular school will meet the educational needs of your child.


  • Qualification pathways – What is on offer? Range of subjects? Careers support?

  • Quality of Teaching – Are the teachers good? Can I trust them with my child’s education? Extended learning? 

  • Learning Support – How does additional learning support work? My child has particular needs, how will the school support them?

  • Communication – How will I know about my child’s learning? Progress?

  • Pastoral Care – What pastoral services are available? 

  • School life and culture – What is the general feel and culture of the school? What is day-to-day school life like?
  • Visit the school and talk to the people in the school to gain accurate information for helping to make your decision.  

  • This will also enable you to ask specific questions and get a sense of the people and how they relate.

  • Schools often have an enrolment information evening, offer campus/site tours and publish information in a prospectus, brochures, website and online platforms.

Choosing a Secondary School

NZ Education for Parents Ministry of Education 

Please let us know if we can assist you further in your decision. All the very best for choosing a school for your child!

Enrol with Us

Enrolment Information

2024 Enrolment Form (hardcopy)

2024 Enrolment Scheme

2024 Reo Rua and/or Rūmaki Class (Years 7-10 numbers dependant) for more information please email Manaia Harawira [email protected]

Pāpāmoa College is a zoned school. Changes made to the current zone came into effect from January 2022. The entire enrolment scheme scheme and map can be viewed here.

Enrol with Us


There is ONE uniform code and any combination of this may be worn at any time throughout the year. There is no Summer/Winter variation. The expectation is that students wear the correct uniform to and from, and at school.

Our school uniform impacts the look and public perception of our school. We want Pāpāmoa College students and our school to be reflected in a positive light in all areas of the school and our wider community.

The following information applies to all students. The range of uniform items can only be purchased from the School Uniform Shop, Unit 2, 60 Parton Road, Pāpāmoa or online, and can be worn anytime throughout the year. Footwear needs to be purchased from an appropriate retail establishment. 

The Uniform Shop is located

At Unit 2/60 Parton Road,


Term 2 Shop Hours

We require ALL students to comply with uniform and grooming standards.  

  • Shirt    
  • Jersey/Cardigan/Jacket/Hoodie    
  • Shorts/Skirt/Pants    
  • Socks    
  • PE Shirt    
  • PE Shorts    

Footwear and rules for wearing them:


  • The sandals should not contain significant branding or writing.
  • Sandals must be worn as they were designed. The heel strap must be worn around the heel.
  • Socks are not to be worn with sandals


  • Shoes must be plain black lace-up with NO visible branding or writing.
  • Shoes must be worn as they were designed.
  • While it is important that footwear is comfortable and supports the feet, it is intended that footwear is a school shoe and not an item of fashion. If in doubt, please ask before you purchase footwear.

Optional school uniform items available for purchase and rules for wearing them:

Hat Cap – school branded only. The cap must be worn with the peak facing the front. Hats must be removed when indoors as a courtesy to others.

Hat Wide Brim – school branded only Hats must be removed when indoors as a courtesy to others.
School Jacket – if a student wishes to wear a jacket in class or at school it must be the uniform jacket.

Senior School Orange TieClick here to view the guide sheet.

Additional uniform information
Jewellery – is acceptable provided it is not offensive and does not provide a safety hazard. All necklaces should be able to fit under their school shirt.  

Cosmetics – NO nail polish. Natural-looking makeup is permitted provided it does not pose a safety concern or impede learning.

Facial Piercings – No facial/tongue/body piercings including transparent studs, with the exception for earrings which can ONLY be sleepers and/or studs in both ears.*

Hairstyles – Hairstyles are to be neat and tidy. NO Facial hair.* Natural hair colour ONLY. Hairstyles should not pose a safety risk to any other student or staff member. Long hair is expected to be tied back for specific activities.

Stockings – Black or navy blue plain stockings (ripped or fishnet stockings are not acceptable)

T-Shirt undergarment – A plain white short-sleeve T-shirt or short-sleeved black or white thermal is permitted for extra warmth can be worn BUT MUST NOT be visible from under the uniform. (No other coloured t-shirts permitted)

   *Cultural Exemptions will apply

No mufti gear is to be worn to school as it is not part of the approved uniform for Pāpāmoa College.

Enrol with Us


Students are required to have the necessary stationery as specified on the relevant stationery list.

There is no stationery shop on campus, we encourage you to make use of the stationery specials at retail establishments.

Year 7 and Year 8 Stationery

Year 9 and Year 10 Stationery

Senior School Year 11-13 Stationery

You can also take advantage of the online ordering system – simply follow this link to OfficeMax MySchool.

If you have any questions regarding enrolment, stationery etc, please contact Reception on 07 542 0676. 

Pāpāmoa College is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) school
BYOD Recommendations see below for more information

Enrol with Us

Digital Devices

The school provides a range of digital devices to assist student learning. These include; desktop computers, laptops, ipads, chromebooks etc. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough for everyone so access to digital devices may be limited at times. For this reason, we require ALL students to bring a digital device for their own use at school.  

PBTech and Noel Leeming have a selection of devices and information that may be of use in your decision-making when purchasing a device.

We require ALL Students to Bring Your Own Device

The benefits for students bringing their own digital device include:

  • Uninterrupted access to devices and the internet at school.
  • Assured reliability of the device.
  • Personal settings and files are constantly available.
  • Seamless learning between home and school.
  • Improved capacity for collaboration with other students and staff.
  • Ability to explore new learning environments and communities beyond the classroom.
  • Removing barriers of distance and time.

Experience at Pāpāmoa College and at other schools that allow student-owned devices on campus, indicates that provided students take similar precautions with their digital device that they would with their other belongings, then very few issues arise regarding damage or theft. To support students, we also provide lockable storage for students to store their unattended devices.

Guidelines to help you when choosing a device:

  • Wireless networking capability (WIFI).
  • At least 5 hours of use from one battery charge.
  • Large screen (10″ minimum).
  • Has a keyboard (can be detachable).
  • The ability to run a web browser (eg Chrome) that will allow access to Google Classroom and other online learning resources.
  • Is lightweight, but robust enough to handle daily use.
  • Is in a protective carrying case.

Other considerations that we strongly recommend:

  • Warranty – students using the device regularly will want faults fixed quickly and the school cannot provide technical support or repair services.
  • Insurance – make sure you are covered for replacement if the device is lost, or stolen, or if insurance does not cover personal property.

Learning to become a responsible and safe digital citizen is important for every student and is covered in the schoolwide learning programmes.

Full Cellphone Ban

The government has legislated that all schools ban the student use of mobile phones during the school day. We have previously banned phones from just classes but will now adopt the Ministry of Education recommended approach of “Away for the Day” from the start of Term 2.

This means that mobile phones either are not brought to school or are switched off and kept in their bags at all times. This is a gate to gate approach – from entering the school grounds in the morning, to exiting the school grounds at the end of the day. Students must not access their phones at anytime during the school day which now includes interval and lunchtimes.

Enrol with us

Dental Services

We have a Mobile Dental Unit onsite at Pāpāmoa College during Terms Three and Four which treats students enrolled with them.

This is a free service for adolescents up until their 18th birthday.
If you would like your child to be seen by our Community Dental Service at School, then please complete this consent form:

PLEASE NOTE: Students can only be enrolled with ONE Dental Provider.

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