Attendance & Absences

Attendance & Absences

Attendance & Absences

Attendance & Absences

Students are expected to attend school every weekday throughout the term, from 8.35am to 3.00pm.

Student attendance is recorded throughout the school day.

Any absence or lateness to class is also recorded.

If a student is absent or late to school, a Parent/Caregiver is required to notify the college and provide a reason for absence: Phone 07 542-0676, Press 1 and clearly state the student’s name, class or year, your name and relationship to the student, AND the reason for absence.

If the absence notification is not phoned through, a note from a Parent/Caregiver is required to be handed to the student’s whānau teacher upon returning to school.

Parents/Caregivers may receive a text message if a student’s absence is unexplained.

Known future absences from school for any medical or family reason must be advised by a Parent/Caregiver in advance where possible.

If a student has to leave school throughout the day for an appointment, a message can be left on the absentee line that morning or a student can provide a written note to Student Services for authorisation (by phone). A Parent/Caregiver will need to sign their child out at the time of departure.

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